When lighting strikes your brain…

The pieces never fit back together again. Large pieces altered and fragmented. Glimpses of something right outside of your peripheral. Remembering just enough to know that it is missing. Forgetting the methods to capture them. Everything slows, too slow to think, too slow to act, too fast to curtail. The electrical storm has you and will forever take some part of you with it. A kaleidoscope of memories, your body is shaken, your brain is shaken and now a new pattern forms. Pieces of you strewn across time. No strings to hold you together. No words to communicate the loss, … Continue reading When lighting strikes your brain…

It’s too much

Life is too much today. It is filled with discussions about bills, parenting, blended families, child rearing, taking care of elderly parents, tax, heating cost, it is just too much.  These words are bouncing around in my mind. Loud frustrated voices bounce off of walls as the tongue is thickened by concern. The anxiety of tomorrow’s uncertanties are piled in neat rows until a pulpit is resurrected. Shhh! The sermon is about to begin.  It goes something like, “it is our responsibility to live in the fantasy of being carefree as we are sandwiched between the complexities of raising children … Continue reading It’s too much

When I was a Boi

As a lesbian I am very aware of what I promote in the conversation of lesbian sex. I am keenly aware that my thoughts, ideas and suggestions can be perceived to be “all of the narrative” of what lesbian sex is to the uninformed that I encounter. I learned this lesson in high school when I taught a classmate what “eating out” was and how he was horridly screwing it up. After our talk he improved his cunnilingus skills according to some of his repeat sex partners (yes I did follow up). Once the word got out, I learned from a few … Continue reading When I was a Boi

Soccer in the Yard

The school year has ended and we are left with this precious time called summer break. Last year, we brought it in with celebrations and cheering. This year it is a milder more chaotic ending. I started back to work four months ago after a voluntary year and a half sabbatical from social work. In that year, I found my mom groove. I had great stay-at-home mom friends. I built networks for the kids of kids that shared their interest. We became active members of our community. We had adventures and well planned activities. It was positively life altering, and … Continue reading Soccer in the Yard

Where the Rainbow Blends

This is my first real blog attempt. I’m someone who likes to start many projects but the finishing sometimes eludes me. The Blog address, 2mommies1dad is a tribute to our youngest son. Soon after my wife and I started dating he started to refer to her as mami (much to our dismay and chagrin). He was prophetic in his adoption of her as his mami. As life progressed we were married a. couple of years later. Our children have two mommies and one daddy. Our family composition is blended, extended and kin. We are bi-cultural, interracial and we have a … Continue reading Where the Rainbow Blends